Dec 2 2012

New Office

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We are in the process of moving into a new Office location.  The physical address will be 224 N. Highway 11, Sperry, OK 74073

But don’t follow your GPS too closely if you plan to drop in and see me.  I am located “On the Curve” just north of the Sperry Christian Church.  If I was the person assigning addresses, I would think the address would be closer to 224 SOUTH Highway 11, rather than North, as it actually is.  At least when comparing this location to other, longer standing locations in the area.  If you follow your GPS to my address, you will end up about 4-5 blocks north and around the curve from where I really will be located.

Of course, you should always call ahead if you do plan to stop by, since I am on the road doing my best to help resolve computer problems most of the time. 🙂  Since I am migrating more into the realm of Web Development, I WILL be in the office more in the future.  That is a big part of the reason for the new office, as well as, the increased visibility and easier location for clients and prospective clients to find me. 😀

I will be posting a couple pics in the next couple days.  The walls just got fresh paint today, and I will be moving furniture around tomorrow, and trying to actually start USING the office, hopefully, but Tuesday.

I am still waiting on AT&T to figure out where the building is located (I KNOW Sperry is such a large metropolis and all, but really…..) so that I can actually get my internet service up and running.  I will be at my current office some, and using my mobile hotspot some, until AT&T figures out which of the 5 or 6 buildings here in Mayberry, errr I mean Sperry, I need service connected to.

For those of you not familiar with my wonderful home town, Sperry is a small, quiet, and peaceful town of about 1050 people (according to census numbers as best I recall) located about 8 miles west of Owasso, and just north of Tulsa.  If anyone ever decides to remake “The Andy Griffith Show” Sperry would make a perfect setting for Mayberry.

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