About Us

Jimmy has been repairing personal computers since 1987.  Networking was added to the service offering in 1992.

In 1993 Jimmy married his Incredible Wife, Cheri, and while this did not directly effect any of the service offerings, it changed Jimmy’s outlook on life dramatically.  “All was right in the world” 🙂

A few years further down the road, in approximately 1999, with the introduction of DSL, and with other High Speed data offerings becoming more affordable, having a Firewall and router on networks was becoming more important.  Jimmy began installing and using SonicWALL firewalls for his clients.  In early 2000, Jimmy became the first SonicWALL Certified SonicWALL Security Associate (CSSA) in Oklahoma.

Jimmy’s clients have ranged from Doctors, to Municipalities, to Manufacturing facilities and about everything in between.

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